Friday, June 5, 2009

First Radio Interview coming up,.

So, there is more excitement to report. My publicist just called to tell me that I have been booked on a talk radio show on WCLO in Janesville, Wisconsin. This Monday, June 8th at 10 A.M. I don't know if they will have a podcast of it available after the show, (in case you are part of that small percentage of the world who do not live in Janesville).

My book is very down on dairy. So I imagine that is what they will want to talk about (being in the heart of dairy country). If I can get the US dairy council to try to discredit me, then I will know that my book has become successful. They can discredit me all they want, but you can't argue with 3000 years of tried-and-true culture. The Asians have far less dairy, and they have far less diet-related disease, and far less cancer.

Dairy turns to phlegm in an adult body. Phlegm can manifest in many different ways; one of which is as an abnormal growth such as a cyst, fibroid, or tumor. The Chinese understand these abnormal growths to be basically phlegmballs. They noticed more in the populations that had more dairy. So the lesson was learned that dairy is not best for adults. We can have it in moderation, but there has been a real concerted campaign to convince us that Milk is a healthy food; and it is not.

Dairy is appropriate for infants, or individuals who are emaciated. It is designed by nature to grow tissue (including fat). Most Americans are not looking to put on more mass, but are rather trying to lose or at least maintain their weight. It is best to eat a lot of vegetables, mostly cooked, simple grains, and a little of everything else.

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