Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yahoo is against health care reform

This is the leading article on Yahoo's home page following Obama's address It is unrelenting in its tone of incredulity and skepticism. The author goes so far to suggest that preventative care is not a good idea. The other story is about how the GOP disagrees with Obama's plan. 2 stories, both against the agenda that 70+% of Americans want. Why is Yahoo!'s coverage so one-sided? I never thought of them as such, but to have 2 stories against, and no coverage in support, makes me question who's paying for that home page.

Right now I pay 20k per year for decent coverage for my family of 3, and the premiums go up 20% annually. And as an employer, being responsible for providing coverage for my employees adds 10k to the cost of hiring someone and prevents me from being able to create jobs. We NEED reform.

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