Saturday, September 26, 2009

birth control pill linked to health problems

Report on Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills causing blood clots and strokes.

The birth control pill is not as benign as we have been led to believe. My wife specializes in fertility and we have seen so many women who were not able to resume a normal menstrual cycle after being on the pill (not just Yaz or Yasmin). If you know your menstrual cycle, it is not too hard to avoid getting pregnant with the rhythm method. If you do not know your cycle, get to know it. Women in America are not educated enough about their bodies; and the menstrual cycle is treated like an abberation to normal physiologic functioning. No one talks about their cycle. Everyone describes theirs as "normal". We have women who bleed for one day and some who bleed for 9 days all say their flow is "normal". Cramping may or may not be present before, during, or after menstruation or ovulation. Clots, back pain, acne, diarrhea, all may or may not be present, but women still say their cycle is "normal". Pay attention to the monthly variations and get familiar with your cycle. Take notes to pick up trends.

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