Monday, April 26, 2010

Too much tofu may harm memory

Surprising news from Indonesia. This study looked at indonesian men and found that those who reported eating more tofu had a reduced memory capacity that the norm. Tempeh, which is a fermented product of the whole soybean and have a lot of folate, did not show this effect. In fact, those who reported eating a lot of tempeh showed higher memory capacity that the norm. So I guess I'll have to start eating some more tempeh. Another good reason to diversify your diet.

Remember, the study did not show that tofu necessarily damages the mind, just that consuming a lot of it may. So this does not mean you should never eat tofu. Like everything, too much of any one thing is not a good thing; and too little of any one thing is also not a good thing. Balance and moderation are always the keys to good health. I know you all understood that, but you'd be surprised how often my patients see things in terms of an all-or-none choice. Too much meat is bad, so meat is bad, so no meat is the best. Broccoli is good, a lot of it must be better. Balance and moderation.

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