Saturday, May 17, 2014

Physical therapists want to do colonoscopies?

Physical therapists in Illinois were recently informed that they cannot perform acupuncture (which they call dry-needling) by the IL department of professional regulation. In response to this, they have introduced an amendment to their practice act to allow them to perform "invasive, non-surgical techniques". They have no training in acupuncture and that is why the State of IL told them they cannot do it. This amendment does not address that concern, but the real problem is that the wording of this amendment would grant them the ability to do a whole host of procedures for which they are not trained. If they can do "Invasive, non-surgical techniques" then they can give injections (including cortisone and epidurals), draw blood, perform colonoscopies, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, insert urinary catheters and Naso-Gastric (feeding) tubes, and many other procedures for which they are not trained. If you think this is not a good idea, please contact your state senator and representative and ask them to vote "no" to HB 1457 amendment #2. The vote will be soon, so please call or email them today. You can find your representative's contact information here

Saturday, May 3, 2014

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I love treating neck pain

 Pain patients generally respond very well to acupuncture, but I think I find the fastest and most-reliable response from patients with neck pain.  Yesterday I again had a new patient who has had neck pain for over a year.  She got whiplash in a car accident and the pain never improved.  I had her move her head side-to-side to establish a baseline for range of motion and for pain.  Then I put two needles into her left wrist and two needles into her right hand and had her move her head again.  The range of motion was increased back to normal and the pain was gone.  I may take a few times to get the pain away forever, but I love the immediate relief that acupuncture can provide these patients.