Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feedback letter about Asian Diet from Belgium

Dear (Dr.) Jason,

Thanks so much for your answers which I greatly appreciate and now I know my new way forward and I am confident that it will work out for me THIS TIME

Yes indeed, I think I have found my diet answers in your book which arrived already. I have made  specially time today to read the whole book

It is indeed A TOTAL DIFFERENT view.....I like the yin/yang principle which I followed for years by doing the Macrobiotic diet but there again I became very sick following it in the very strict level for 2 years.......and had to stop

I have a BETTER understanding now where I went wrong in Macrobiotics, totally Raw and vegan, high meat diets and the McDougal diet to name a few
I just KNEW the answer was out SOMEWHERE there, I just never gave up, even it it took me most of my life to look for it

As I am doing diets 100%, I can better judge it they work or not than people who cheat all the time
In fact they did NOT work for me usual between 1 and 2 years after starting, I always got sick

I like the mostly grains, vegetables idea and a little of everything else approach as it gives me total freedom to include all the many, many wonderful natural foods who are out there and not be so restrictive as the McDougal diet was which I indeed followed to the letter and did not even cheat once in just under two years and then got sick, very sick and it happened suddenly.....!!!!!

Now, I realize why they all did not work....the were to one-sided.....The Asian wisdom prevails!!

Thank you so much. I did your Diet already since 3 days with the Info on the Internet but nothing replaces having the Book in my hands, there is more to it than just eating certain foods.....

I always had a problem with moderation in food and I know I have to work on it to have a more balanced food attitude in general as I am a Black and White person. Bringing in some shades of grey will surely benefit me

So, thanks to your help, I am on my way again and have found Peace that my diet will work out this time

I will re-read your book The Asian Diet many times, will study it and take it from here

I must admit that I already bought white rice as I only at Brown Rice in the past. I could ONLY find white rice that cooks in 15 minutes and none who takes an hour to cook as per your book
I also found that it constipated me terrible and so I went back to include them both.

Thanks so much, thanks for your time and for your great book!!!!

Wishing you well and much happiness

Thanks again,