Friday, April 30, 2010

Thoughts on Immigration Reform

There are some assertions out there with which I disagree.

I have heard some say that migrant labor is good and even necessary. "They work the jobs that Americans are not willing to do" is a total crock. Americans are willing to do just about any job, they are just not willing to do it for slave wages. You'd be hard pressed to find an American citizen who is willing to mow your lawn for $2/hour. But if you gave him or her minimum wage and benefits, I'm sure you would get some takers (especially in this economy). I don't hear this argument made much lately, but I wanted to address it.

Now you hear all that we need to keep the immigrants (read Mexicans) out. They are taking all our jobs and resources. People suggest building and policing a fence. I think this is ridiculous. In Europe, the borders are not controlled at all. You can walk right from Germany into France without any questions. So why can't I just move into France? Because I cannot get a job there. They are fine to have me come in and spend all my money. I just can't take any of theirs. If I were fabulously wealthy and could live there without having to get a job, I bet they would be fine with that; because I would be spending all my money in their country.

We do not need to physically block people, that hasn't worked and sets up dangerous situations for both parties. We need to make sure that no one can employ someone who is not here legally. Why do they come here? For jobs that pay better than they could get back home. Take away the jobs and they will stop coming. People who employ illegal immigrants are the ones responsible for their continued presence and influence on our society. It is they who should be held responsible. They are putting the bait in the water, we are punishing the fish when they take it.

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