Monday, January 4, 2010

disgusted with inability to progress

I am disgusted with our inability to progress. We can't have renewable energy because it'll hurt the coal industry. We can't have reasonably-priced healthcare in insurance because that'll hurt hospitals and insurance companies. We can't have a secure banking system because wall street and the big banks need all their (translated - our) money. I swear, if the stagecoach industry had spent more money lobbying, we would not have cars today.

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  1. I would highly recommend the latest Planet Money podcast about Corruption and why the US ranks where it does on the world scale:

    It's all about 'campaign contributions' and the fact that our government is bought and sold.

    Also, it's a reminder of all the corruption that's still centered around infrastructure projects. That's depressing to contemplate, given how much we need new infrastructure.