Sunday, December 13, 2009

New conspiracy theory- nothing to do with diet

As one who voted for Obama and is disappointed with the lack of "change" we have seen, I wonder how much "the system" is to blame and how little one man (or even a supermajority) can do to change the status quo.

It seems like Obama has changed a lot in the past few weeks. He dropped his pursuit of the public option, made his decision to escalate our military commitment, and is talking more about the Private Sector being the only means to helping our economy. So my wild theory is this:

When Obama got into office, he believed he could change things. The powers that be (Reps, Dems, both, and neither) told him he could not. Obama resisted and so the Powers increased their pressure. They threatened his family and his life. He asserted that he had nothing to worry about because the Secret Service would protect him. Enter the Salahi's. Not really a threat, but enough to show Obama "we can get to you". He really seems like a changed man since then.

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