Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Korean food is so healthy

Look at this table. My wife and I each ordered soup. If you order soup, or anything at a Korean restaurant, they will give you your soup, some rice, and anywhere from 5-20 little side dishes of blanched and/or pickled vegetables. All these little white dishes were free and included in the price of the soup.

So why is it healthy? For one thing, there is a great variety of foods. For another, they are easy to digest (either cooked or pickled). For another, it is served with white rice (which is the easiest to digest) and tea (facilitates digestions and speeds metabolism). Another side-effect of having all these side dishes is that it fills you up and you don't eat too much meat.

This pic was taken in Seoul, but you can find this type of spread at many restaurants in Chicago and many other cities in Ameerica.

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