Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today I worked on my first ever requested article. I can't say for whom I am writing, but I have to summarize my book into 1000 words. It was not easy, and I thank my brother Greg for his edits.

I spoke with my publicist for the first time and she feels that I will soon be doing radio interviews to disseminate the info that is in my book The Asian Diet. I am still looking for a local publicist and, now that the book is in stock, I need to start booking speaking engagements. I don't know what is taking Borders so long to unpack the book and update their computers. Barnes and Noble has had it up for 4 days now, Borders still has it listed as being available May 1st.

So now my quest to learn to speak Korean has been put on hold. I am spending all my time writing articles and press releases, in addition to seeing patients and playing with my little girl. I know I need to strike when the iron's hot and promote the book as it's released, but it is hard because I don't want to miss any time with my daughter. She is so cute, she commands a lot of my time.

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