Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Asian Diet is in!

I just received my copies of my book The Asian Diet: Simple secrets for eating right, losing weight, and being well although this first run is a misprint (collectors item) in that they printed an incorrect subtitle How the ancient principles of moderation and balance will help you eat right, lose weight, and live longer. This was the subtitle that the publisher first suggested and it was a mix-up that the printer thought that it was the one to use. They caught the error after the first 2000 were printed, but those are the ones that are being sent out first. Since I got mine today, and since they all went out together, I assume Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and the other bookstores will be getting theirs today or this week. I don't know how long it takes them to unpack them, but please ask at your local bookstore about it. For sure it is available at my office, A Center for Oriental Medicine at 415 1/2 Fourth St. in Wilmette.

Today I leave you with one of the truisms presented in the book. The way the things are outside the body is the way things are inside the body. Think about foods that are heavy, dense, and sticky. Is that how you want to be? So you don't want to have too much of those things (cheese, sweets, ice cream, etc). But don't start evaluating all the foods you eat and discard any that you consider to be dense. I'm sure someone may hear this notion, decide that rice cakes are the lightest food, eat only rice cakes, and think that they are being healthy. Other truisms in the book are "you should have a little of most foods", and "you should eat a wide variety of foods".
That's all for now.

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