Thursday, February 26, 2009

Revising the website

Thank you to all who have sent feedback on my new website . Based on comments recieved, I have altered the color scheme and some of the text. At some point, I hope to add some video and possibly a forum. I have listed it with google, but it will take a while before it comes up on searches, which is why I posted the website two months prior to the book's release.

I am told by my publisher that they are going to start printing on March 9th, and that I will be receiving advance copies a few days after that, so I am excited. It took me three months to write the book, but years in researching; so it is gratifying to see it actually in print and available. I looked online, and you can order it from websites in Germany, India, China, Belgium, Brittan, and possibly more. Right now, has it for 30% off as an advance order.

I am now looking for a PR agent to help me promote the book. I am open to suggestions, and if anyone knows of a venue where I could speak, I would appreciate knowing about that. I want to get on Good Morning America, Oprah, and The Daily Show, but would settle for the local bookstore and library.

I am now at work at the Tiffani Kim Institute in Chicago and have to go pull needles from a patient, so bye for now.

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