Friday, October 5, 2012

New press for The Asian Diet

My book The Asian Diet, has been reviewed and I have been interviewed recently.  Check out the latest press. sent in this nice review:
"The Asian Diet is a straight-to-the-point and reliable book about dieting and weight loss. The problem of obesity in America is worsening to a point where a quarter of the adult population is medically obese. The book tells us that there is a historically proven eating habit that can remedy the problem. If we were to point out a flaw i
n the book, it would be the title. There is a preponderance to fall back to Chinese Cuisine. Not that we're
complaining. The Chinese culture has the oldest continuous record of food recipes and faithfully handed down the generations. The book also mentions Traditional Chinese Medicine, which to the Western culture boils down to tea drinking and acupuncture. There's a lot more. On our side of the spectrum, cosmetic surgery presents a quick and largely cosmetic solution to obesity. Bariatric and lapband surgeries are dangerous and presents a lifestyle that is extremely difficult to maintain. Get the copy of the book
now before it's too late!

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