Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If nutritionists sold cars

Introducing the new Chevy Bounce.  The best car in the world.  Most cars have only 20 pounds of rubber.  Our scientists know that rubber is integral to the performance of a car.  So we have made the Chevy Bounce which has over 300 pounds of rubber in it.  No other car can compete with it.  15 times the rubber of a standard car must be better; so buy yours today. 

Here's the point.  Things are more than just the sum of their parts.  Vegetables are good and vegetables have vitamins.  That does not mean that you can give people isolated vitamins and think that they are a substitute for food.  Green Tea causes health benefits.  Green Tea extract has 100 times the ingredients, but is it 100 times as helpful?  I have heard nutritionists argue that no one could ever drink enough green tea to get the benefits.  How then did they discover the benefits before the extract was available?

There is no substitute for good food.  Anyone who tells you different is just trying to sell you something.  

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