Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back Pain

So I'm carrying my 3-month old most of the time while I'm at home these days, and it has started to wear on me.  I developed some back pain about 5 days ago.  I tried to stretch it out but it kept getting worse.  It went into my butt, knees, and even along my shin.  I know, you are all saying "try acupuncture".  But with two small kids, it has been hard to find the time for my wife to treat me.  Finally, we found a free 20 minutes where she could throw a couple needles into me.  I see most of the pain conditions in our office, so I directed her in what points to use.  She put 10 needles into my hands, feet, and abdomen.   20 minutes later my pain was reduced by 25%.  The next morning I woke up and the pain was down by 75%.  By 2pm that next day, my pain was all gone.

I'm not only a promoter of Oriental Medicine, I'm also a client. 

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