Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Next radio interview

This Thursday, August 5th, I will be interviewed by Nicola Phoenix for her radio show on Spirit Quest Radio about my book "The Asian Diet".  You can see the promo here.
There is also a link to listen to the show, which will broadcast at 4pm Central time at http://www.spiritquestradio.comhttp://www.spiritquestradio.com/

Here is the write-up
Nicola Phoenix, The Spiritual Psychologist is joined by inspiring guest author and speaker Jason Bussell author of The Asian diet talking about the Eastern perspective of healthy eating, lifestyle and living stress free. Why do we have so much to learn from understanding Eastern perspectives and making small changes from these teachings can have a powerful effect on our lives. Join in with your questions and calls relating to diet, maintaining a healthy body and the best way to kick start a new way forward for the greatest health of your system.

Please tune in and listen if you can.


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