Thursday, June 30, 2011

You love your children so you give them milk right? Wrong!

The dairy industry has spent a ton of money and done a fantastic job of “educating” us to why we need to buy their product.  The National Dairy Council sounds like a government agency, but it of course a professional trade group that is made up of the people who produce and distribute milk.  So they have a vested interest in us believing that it is good for us.  Their information is therefore suspect.

They tell us in the commercials they buy that “if you don’t get your three servings a day, then your bones will become brittle and break.”  I would like to ask these people ,”Why do horses have strong bones?”  They don’t eat yogurt, they eat green leaves (which are one of the best sources of calcium).  Actually, every other animal on the planet goes dairy-free after infancy and their bones are just fine.  

Humans are the only animal that have dairy after infancy; and it’s not all humans.  It is mostly consumed in America and Europe.  They don’t use much dairy in Asia nor in Africa.  And by and large, they have stronger bones in Asia and Africa.  But wait,  that’s not what the commercials tell us.

Commercials tell us that dairy has calcium and that calcium is necessary for bone health.  That is true.   You know what other foods have calcium?  All of them!  Every fruit, vegetable, nut, bean, legume, root, leaf, meat, etc.  Every food has calcium; dairy is the only one that bought commercial time to tell you.  Dairy is also one of the few foods that takes more calcium away from you than it gives you.

The commercials tell you about the calcium, but it does not tell you about the casein.  Casein is a milk protein that is highly acidic.  Every acid that you pour into your body has to be neutralized, and the body’s natural base is Calcium Carbonate.  Some of this is flowing in the blood; but after that gets exhausted, the body steals it from the bones.  So dairy gives you one calcium and then takes two away.  The parts of the world with the highest rates of milk and milk-product consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis and hip fractures.   

Over the past 70 years, there has been a concerted campaign to get people to drink more milk in the name of preventing osteoporosis.  And it has been very successful.  There are more people drinking more milk into later in life.  But we have not seen osteoporosis rates fall at all.  In fact, they have skyrocketed.   Milk is not the only factor in this, but if it is supposed to be protecting u, it is not working.  

The other problem with dairy is that it is a food designed by nature to GROW TISSUE.  This is appropriate for infants as they A) need to grow a lot of tissue in a hurry and B) have the digestive enzymes necessary to turn this rich and viscous material into usable tissue.  By the time we have our teeth, we don’t need it anymore.  Most mothers who breastfed long enough will agree that teeth are nature’s way of telling us that it’s time to wean.   In a non-infant, the tissue that dairy turns into is phlegm; which can manifest many different ways.  It can show up as:  Sinus congestion; post-nasal drip; wheezing and asthma; and mental fog  It can lodge between the skin and muscles as fat.  Kids get a lot of dairy these days and that could be a contributing factor in the explosion of childhood obesity.  This is true with normal, unadulterated milk; but is likely much worse when juiced with growth hormones.  Phlegm can also congeal to form cysts, fibroids, and tumors.  The Chinese understand cancer and these other types of abnormal growths as being basically phlegm-balls and noticed more in the populations that consumed dairy.  Recent research is showing that casein is carcinogenic and is implicated in a whole host of auto-immune diseases.  For more on this, read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, a PhD nutritional biochemist.   You would think that evidence that dairy causes health problems would be on the front page of newspapers, but the billions of dollars at stake have prevented most of us from ever hearing about it.  

I advocate the Asian Diet, which states that most things are fine in moderation.  This is true for dairy as well.  You can eat and drink all the things you like.  You just need to keep them in the proper proportion.  And the best proportion for you and your children (except infants) is to have in rarely. 

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