Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coca Cola is now "educating" dieticians

The American Dietetics Society has endorsed a continuing education about nutrition that has been created by the Coca Cola Company.  This program seeks to eliminate "urban myths" about sugar, fluoride, artificial colors, and non-nutritive sweeteners.  According to them (and their well-paid experts), there is no evidence that any of these ingredients are anything but wonderful for developing children.  Apparently, all the science that has shown otherwise was just hype and hysteria.  But the people who stand to gain the most from the continued sale of these products assure us that they are safe, so we are just supposed to believe them.  Actually, they know that we would never believe them, so they are targeting nutritionists and dieticians to spread their propaganda. 

First it was the dairy industry "educating" doctors about why every human needs to drink milk throughout their entire lives (even though no other species has any dairy after infancy).  Now it is the sugary, crap-filled beverage industry that is trying to take over our nutritional advisors.  Beware of the influence of big money.  All they want is more money; and they don't care if your kids get hurt in the process.

You can read all about this "nutritional education" and the conflicts of interest involved at the Alliance for Natural Health.  http://www.anh-usa.org/dietitians-are-buying-cokes-line/

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