Saturday, May 30, 2009

turn on your radios

I am now preparing to go on the radio with the message of "The Asian Diet" I have my own publicist and another from the publisher working on getting me booked on talk shows They have asked for my bio, bulletpoints, and questions I would like to be asked. I don't know if the hosts will ask all of the questions I suggest, some of them, in what order, etc., so I have to think about how I want to get the message out.

The hardest part of writing my book was determining the order. I have given this information hundreds of times as talks to patients and groups; but every time I present it I do it a little differently. For the book, I had to set in stone the order and the wording. Now I have to do that again to prepare for the radio interviews, but I won't know how the interviewer will proceed, so I cannot truly be prepared. But I am familiar enough with the message that I feel confident in my ability to articulate it.

So stay tuned for upcoming interview dates and times.

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