Saturday, February 5, 2011

Undergrad University students in Chicago! Earn $10 for a 1-hour acupuncture study

My research project has just been granted approval by the Institutional Review Board of National University of Health Sciences.  Now I need 100 undergraduate University Students as subjects.  Candidates must be between ages of 18-30, be in good health, not be pregnant nor breastfeeding, must not have received acupuncture in the past three months, and must be willing to receive acupuncture for the study.  Subjects will be paid $10 for the one-hour study.  Subjects will fill out self-evaluation questionnaires, perform tests of memory, and may receive acupuncture. 

The study will be conducted at A Center for Oriental Medicine, at 415 1/2 Fourth St. in Wilmette.  Available times are Tuesdays and Fridays 9am-6pm.  The study will also be conducted at the Tiffani Kim Institute, 310 W. Superior, Thursdays from 9am-1pm.  Both locations are 1/2 block from CTA 'L' stations.

All interested candidates should contact lead researcher, Jason Bussell, at 773-480-8920.



  1. Wow shocking 1hr for $10 this is awesome I'm interested to take acupuncture course. It looked as though he was enjoying it. Acupuncturist Chicago

  2. @Margaret, I'm sorry but this study was completed in 2011. I am no longer recruiting subjects for the study.