Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thom Hartmann liked my book!

Thom Hartmann is my favorite talk show host.  He is brilliant and is a strong voice for progressives (and just plain rationals) in the country.  He was in town a few weeks ago for an event called "The Great Debate 2" where he sparred with a conservative talk show host.  At that event, I got to meet him and gave him a copy of my book.

I just learned from the Melissa, the woman who drives him to and from the airport when he is in town, that he is often inundated with book when he comes to town.  Most of the time, he does not have time to read them.  Well apparently he read mine and took it back home with him.  He even sent a text to Melissa asking her to thank me for the book and telling her that he liked it.  That makes me feel pretty happy right now. 

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