Sunday, October 11, 2009

sugar guidelines set to fight obesity

My good fried Graeme sent me this link to a good article about how our increased sugar consumption has contributed to our obesity. It sounds like a no-brainer, but many of us are not aware of just how much extra sugar we are consuming.

My favorite radio personality Thom Hartman spoke recently of an ad agency he used to own and operate. He was commissioned to publish a booklet by Kellogg entitled "Sugar: the vital nutrient". This blatant propaganda at the expense of consumers' health was one of the factors that prompted him to sell the agency and change careers. This was many years ago. Once sugar got a bad rap, they took the word out of brand names such as Super Sugar Crips, but the sugar remains.

And to be sure, sugar substitutes like splenda, aspartame, saccharine, equal, and nutrasweet are not better. We should eat the food in it's natural state (although cooked is better than raw), without extra sweetness added. If you must sweeeten, use: Pure cane sugar, rapidura, agave nectar, stevia, honey, fruit juice, beet sugar, pure-cane molassas. All in moderation and in a rotation.

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